Has Chrome Lost a Little Shine?

chrome-logo-1301044215.jpgHas Chrome Lost a Little Shine?  Recently I began using Google Chrome instead of Safari as my default browser. Chrome has much better diagnostics for web developers. So I’m more than a little surprised that it displays a blank page when I use it to open ArchiCAD Help. Safari works fine. So does Firefox. Hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Has Chrome Lost a Little Shine?

  1. Here at GRAPHISOFT we have already checked what blocks Chrome to display the help content, also what possibilities we have to make it work. Unfortunately it is an online only browser as a result doesn’t really like any content opened from local folders.

    The best workaround that you have already discovered is to use a different browser. Or if you prefer Chrome – like many of us – there is an online version of the help that might worth bookmarking: http://www.graphisoft.com/products/archicad/ac16/OnlineHelp/


    • Marton, Thank you for the info and the link! I think this time Google gets mud on its face, especially since both Safari and Firefox work fine. I hope you you will continue drop by my blog as I flesh out my thoughts on ArchiCAD.

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