UPDATE. Building Enclosure Modeling: BIM Techniques, Climate, and the Smaller Firm

MiamiBeachFlood - 1

Thank you to everyone who came to see my talk at Graphisoft BIM 2017 North America User Conference. As promised here are links to the files I used in my presentation (…and quite a few more). The best way to understand the details of talk is to dig into the PLA files and see how the bits are structured. I look forward to hearing your comments and keeping in touch.


2017 GS NA User Conference Presentation HUGGINS.pptx (I have borrowed liberally from the Internet for cool images. Please let me know if I have misappropriated any of your intellectual property ands it will be promptly removed.)

Seewee Residence

1056 Seewee VEGAS.pla

1056 Seewee Technical.bimx

1056 Seewee Technical Core.bimx

1056 Seewee Main Floor.bimx

1056 Seewee Presentation.bimx

IOP Renovation

1051 IOP VEGAS.pla

1051 IOP Renovation Technical.bimx

1051 IOP Renovation 1-Entire Bldg.bimx

1051 IOP Renovation 2-Without Finishes.bimx

1051 IOP Renovation 3-Core Elements.bimx

1051 IOP Renovation 4-Core Load-Bearing Elements.bimx

Kiawah Renovation

1032 Kiawah VEGAS.pla (Ignore the missing object warning that appears in the Library Manager.)

1032 Kiawah Technical.bimx

1032 Kiawah Bunk Beds.bimx


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